® AP-3 Grease NLGI-3 is suitable for ball and roller bearing lubrication, moderate load and speed applications where long life and trouble free performance are the key requirements. These greases are widely used in automotive, industrial segments for multi-purpose applications. This grease is also approved by ACE for their equipment bearing lubrication. Excellent shear stability with high drop point and oxidation stability increases the re-greasing interval, reduce grease consumption and downtime.

Functional Benefits:

Complete protection to anti-friction bearing.

Thermo-oxidative and structural stability.

Exceptional load bearing capability.

Provides excellent resistance to structural and consistency changes, over wide range of temperatures but remains in place despite severe working or sustained shock impact.

Have excellent low and high temperature properties. It can be dispensed at low temperatures and will maintain adequate stay put property at the higher temperatures encountered in service.

Resists effectively, water wash out in use, assuring adequate lubrication over extended service periods.

Performance Standards:
IS 7623/1993 (Reaffirmed 2011)Proprietary Grade NLGI-3